04 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

How long should I run my advertising campaign?

How long should I run my advertising campaign?

One of the most common questions I get from business owners, is how long they should run their advertising campaign for.  I’ll tell you exactly what I tell them.  That’s a stupid question.

How long should you pay your electric bill for?  What about your office lease?  How long should you pay for the hosting service for your website?

The answer is, you should run your advertising campaign for as long as you’re in business.

Your marketing and advertising efforts should never stop.  The creative may change as you go along, and you may change the mediums in which your campaign is delivered, but your marketing and advertising campaign should continue in perpetuity.  The audience and market is continually evolving.  Your company should be continually evolving.  So too, should your marketing continue to evolve.

For all of you that want to argue that your business is solely word of mouth and you don’t need marketing – well then sir or ma’am, what do you think word of mouth is?  It is one of the oldest forms of marketing that exist.  However, I’m telling your right now, the way people are communicating today, is not how they communicated 20 years ago, and it will certainly not be how we communicate in 20 years from now.  So, even earning word of mouth referrals requires an evolution in your tactics.

In business, if you always do what you’ve always done, you will never again get what you always got.  If you aren’t evolving, you are dying.  In fact, the quickest way to failure is to rely on things that used to work.  So, the answer is simple, your advertising should never end, but it should continually evolve.


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