22 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

Chris Weir Answers: How do you stay calm while waiting on a deal to close?

There is nothing quite as intense or stressful as waiting on a deal to close.  You’ve done all the work, made a great presentation, now you’re just waiting for the yes from the prospect.  Your [...]

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21 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

Chris Weir Answers – Are networking groups really worth it?

As entrepreneurs and professionals, our available time is usually limited.  Are networking groups something we should squeeze in to our schedule?  Is there a better alternative than networking gro [...]

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20 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

Chris Weir Answers – Are Corporate Profits Really that Bad?

It’s become popular to poo poo on corporate profits, especially in politics and academia.  Yet, these two groups are the first to expect business to step up and pay more taxes and support their m [...]

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19 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

Chris Weir Answers – Is Google+ finally shutting down?

In October of last year, Google announced they would be shutting down their disastrous social platform, Google+.  But what does that mean for your business.  You may be surprised at how integrated [...]

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18 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

Chris Weir Answers – What’s on your Bucket List?

A bucket list is fun to dream about, but I think it is crucial for entrepreneurs and professionals.  It gives you something to strive for that lies outside of your business goals.  If the on [...]

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25 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Is Video Marketing still relevant since no one is watching TV anymore?

Video is still the most effective means to deliver a message to your audience, as long as your video is relevant and valuable to the viewer.  Start thinking of your video content as the show instea [...]

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25 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Have Social Media channels replaced websites?

With the popularity of social media channels growing and evolving, have they replaced the need for a business to have a website?   Business: [email protected] _   Follo [...]

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22 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Is professional Photography and Videography still necessary?

Smart phones continue to evolve with some pretty impressive photography and videography abilities.  Not to mention the lower cost of consumer and prosumer photography and video equipment.  So, wit [...]

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21 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

What is Remarketing, and is it relevant to my business?

Remarketing ads can be a highly effective way to reach those who are already searching for either your business or the services/products your business offers.  With only 2% of consumers converting [...]

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18 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Are local SEO and Google Maps still important in 2019?

I would argue that Local SEO efforts are more important today than ever before.  With 44% of all clicks happening on the maps results and 70% of mobile users clicking on the call button on listings [...]

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