18 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Are local SEO and Google Maps still important in 2019?

I would argue that Local SEO efforts are more important today than ever before.  With 44% of all clicks happening on the maps results and 70% of mobile users clicking on the call button on listings [...]

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17 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Should I continue marketing or advertising even if I have a ton of business right now?

The short answer is yes.  You worked really hard to get the attention of your audience and to build the business you have, if you disappear from marketing, it will be harder to get them back the se [...]

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16 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

What’s the difference between Marketing and Advertising?

The difference between marketing and advertising goes far beyond simple semantics.  There are fundamental distinctions in strategy, messaging, tone, and delivery.  Marketing is long term, branding [...]

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15 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Should I hire an Advertising Agency?

Hiring an Advertising Agency is usually considered to be an expensive venture for a small business, however, the cost may actually surprise you.  Plus, with the complexity of digital marketing and [...]

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14 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

How do you create so much content?

Scaling your content creation is one of the most important conversations you should be having about marketing your business.  On this episode of Chris Weir Answers, I walk you through how I create [...]

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28 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

#016 – Innovate… or become Irrelevant

If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards.  You will be passed.  If you fail to innovate in your business, you are creating an environment that makes you irrelevant.  [...]

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27 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

#015 – Die on your own Sword

As an entrepreneur or last line of defense position, you must take responsibility for the tough decisions.  Don’t blame anything or anyone, everything is your fault – good or bad.  [...]

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26 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

#014 – Your Style vs. Your Skill

Too many times, we as business people (especially creatives) get hung up on our style.  We forget that it’s our clients’ style that matters most.  We need to focus on building our s [...]

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25 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

#013 – Now CONTEXT is King

We have seen a shift from CONTENT being king of advertising, to CONTEXT taking the reign.  And most businesses are not getting it right.  Let’s talk about it. _ Thank you so muc [...]

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28 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

What does it mean for my website to be responsive? And is that really relevant?

Today on Chris Weir Answers, Chris discusses what it means for your website to be responsive and how ridiculous it is if your website is not. _ Thank you so much for consuming my content.& [...]

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