26 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

#014 – Your Style vs. Your Skill

Too many times, we as business people (especially creatives) get hung up on our style.  We forget that it’s our clients’ style that matters most.  We need to focus on building our skill, which will allow us to provide what our clients want.  Let’s talk about it. 


Thank you so much for consuming my content.  I sincerely hope that, at least on some level, I can help you grow and reach your goals.  I will never claim to have all of the answers.  All I have are my experiences – successes and failures – and I hope you enjoy hearing about them as much as I enjoy sharing them.


Chris Weir is the Chairman and CEO of The Weirdo Group, and the active CEO of Two Second Media, a full-service media, marketing, and advertising agency focused on supporting small to medium scale businesses.  For more than a decade, Chris has produced marketing and advertising campaigns for brands such as Nike, Yamaha, Chevrolet, Lonza, The Veteran’s Administration, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and countless local and regional corporations and brands.

In addition to Two Second Media, The Weirdo Group is growing to include Front Yard Marketing, which is a modern-day real estate marketing firm, and Weirdo Talent, which represents musicians, performers, athletes, influencers, etc.  Also, along with his wife Candace, Chris co-directs Wine Down Therapy, which promotes and sells award winning wines from vineyards around the world and produces a weekly tasting vlog on YouTube.

For many years, Chris has been called on to give presentations, keynotes, lectures, and training seminars for audiences of all sizes.  Recognized as engaging and thought-provoking, Chris has spoken for organizations and businesses, universities and local governments, and even hosted his own talk radio show from 2006 – 2007.

Over the past decade in the agency business, Chris has been awarded 3 Addy Awards, 6 Telly Awards, 4 Communicator Awards, and was named Ohio Businessman of the Year in 2005.  Also, in 2005, he won a national advertising award from Mortgage Originator Magazine for Most Innovative Marketing Strategy in the mortgage industry.


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