25 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Don’t Fake It

I started The Chris Weir Experience to combat those that get on social media and try to convince you that they are experts.  They rent a lambo or a mansion on the beach and try to tell you the path [...]

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24 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Be Realistic

Dreams are meant to be lofty and challenging.  However, if you throw the motivational speech out for a moment, you would realize that the only way to true happiness, is being realistic about your c [...]

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22 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Attention is the Currency

Attention is the currency of business today.  And only when you have the attention of your audience, will they want to learn about your business.  Make the commitment to prove to your audience tha [...]

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23 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

Things Change

I have never really recommended that my clients buy ads on social media because I never saw the return on the investment.  The results just weren’t there.  That is no longer the case.  You shou [...]

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18 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#021 – If Everything Adds Up, Don’t Use Algebra

Algebra sucks!! It’s pointlessly complicated.  Why would you add letters to a problem you can solve with simple addition or subtraction?  Yet, we do this in business all the time.  We have an e [...]

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17 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#020 – Is College Still Worth It Today?

It’s become popular to poo poo on college today, especially from entrepreneurs. However, is it completely justified? Are there any scenarios, other than medical/legal/science/etc. degrees, that ma [...]

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16 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#19 – Work-Life Balance isn’t Real

The idea that one can find balance between their work and life is simply not practical.  Demands of one will always being higher than the other – and it’s not always the same either.  Sometime [...]

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15 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#018 – You Still Have Time

We’ve now started 2019… what are you doing to reach your dreams or goals this year.  Age and circumstances are not restrictions unless you allow them to be.  The average age of an entrepreneur [...]

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14 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#017 – Failing Forward

I wish I could convince you to stop looking at failures and mistakes as a scarlet letter.  Failure is actually opportunity disguised as an obstacle, which means it’s actually not an obstacle.  D [...]

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28 Dec 2018by Chris Weir

#016 – Innovate… or become Irrelevant

If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards.  You will be passed.  If you fail to innovate in your business, you are creating an environment that makes you irrelevant.  [...]

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