27 Nov 2018by Chris Weir

Movement Creates Movement

Movement creates movement.  What do I mean by that?

Momentum is a term used in physics that refers to the quantity of motion an object has.  The equation for momentum is:

Momentum = mass x velocity

This means that the amount of momentum an object has is dependent on how much stuff is moving and how fast that stuff is moving.  More stuff at a greater speed means more momentum.

Apply this to you.  No matter where you are professionally, whether you are starting a new business, trying to get a promotion, or a student trying to graduate, we all face times that we feel there is nothing moving for us.  And this lack of movement begins to eat away at our motivation and then our production begins to suffer, etc.

One could argue that when you think you have no forward movement, you actually have negative movement, which will move you further and further away from your goal.

So, here is one of the unavoidable requirements to be successful in business: you have to be able to create forward movement.  Even if it is very small at first, the momentum will continue to gain.  This may take weeks, it may take years, but as long as you are moving forward, you are getting closer.

Right now, in 2018, I believe the three most important traits of successful business people are as follows:

  1. Possess Talent
  2. Produce Constant Forward Movement
  3. Employ Patience

So How?

So, how the hell do I create movement when there is none?

For me, in my marketing business, I did work for free.  My first few clients did not pay me for the work I performed.  I needed experience and exposure, that was my payment.  But more importantly, it created movement.  I wasn’t sitting all day staring at my computer, I was actually working.

The more work I started doing, the more work I started earning.  Obviously, I had to do great work and provide great service.  I had to have the talent, that is number one.  But, as long as that is in place, start the movement, have patience, and success will come.


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