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“I am not a motivational speaker.  However, I would love for you to leave my talks motivated to get off your ass and make a difference in your personal and professional life”! -Chris Weir

Early in Chris’s career, he hosted his own weekly talk radio show called “Common Sense with Chris Weir”.  He also hosted a daily online radio show (before they were called podcasts).  He has spoken to companies, non-profits, local governments, universities, even high schools.  Today, he discusses topics relating to business and marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship, and personal growth through professional success and planning.  He delivers a thought provoking, “tell it like it is”, message.  Audiences leave with relevant and actionable content to make a difference in their lives and companies.

Chris also provides private and customized coaching and training on marketing processes and procedures to create efficient and effective marketing teams that produce actual results for their companies.

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