22 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

#34 – Own Your Path

Don’t avoid your responsibility to make tough decisions.  I think some entrepreneurs push decisions off in the name of employee empowerment.  Whether that’s fear, indecision, or just a blatant [...]

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21 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

#33 – Care Enough to be Tough

This topic keeps coming up in my conversations with professionals.  I think that today, we are struggling as small business owners trying to figure out the balance between employee satisfaction and [...]

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20 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

#32 – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Proper communicate is so off the scales important, it can’t even be measured.  Not just communication with clients and vendors, but just as important, internal communication with your employees a [...]

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19 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

#31 – Sales is Transactional – Service is Relational

There is a significant difference between sales and services.  It takes two very different strategies and thought processes.  Sales is a short-term process.  Our goal is very simple, turn the pro [...]

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18 Feb 2019by Chris Weir

#30 – Please… Just Shut Up!

Too many sales people talk too much.  They will talk themselves right out of an easy sale.  If they would just shut up and listen, the prospect will almost always tell you want they need or want.  [...]

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25 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#026 – Be Authentic

Being fully authentic starts with being honest and true to yourself.  Then you can begin being authentic to your audience because you are actually being you.   If you fake it til you mak [...]

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24 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#025 – Be Realistic

There is a big difference between aiming too high and challenging or pushing yourself.  Dreams are meant to be lofty – nothing good is easy.  However, just because your momma says you are a grea [...]

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23 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#024 – Social Media Advertising – Yes or No?

The thing about marketing and advertising, is that our tools are continually evolving.  What worked yesterday may not work today and probably won’t work tomorrow.  But then again, it might.  Th [...]

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22 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#023 – The $1.00 Per Day Rule

Proactively engaging with your audience is one of the most difficult things I have found to discipline myself on.  I guess I think about it like I am just chatting at the watercooler, which is just [...]

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21 Jan 2019by Chris Weir

#022 – Time Management

Chris and Scott get back into one of the most important topics for professionals, the subject of Time Management.  They go in detail and discuss obstacles and solutions.  They also discuss their o [...]

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