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The Chris Weir Experience
My Companies

The Weirdo Group is the manifestation of Chris’s passion.  It is the parent company for the following brands:

  • The Chris Weir Experience
  • Two Second Media
  • Wine Down Therapy
  • Front Yard Marketing
  • Weirdo Talent

The Chris Weir Experience is an opportunity for Chris to share the many experiences he has learned through the years as a business leader and entrepreneur.  With many successes, and just as many failures, Chris provides content that is relevant, actionable, and authentic.  He is not a motivational speaker or life coach, he is an actual active entrepreneur – his content is not theoretical or learned second-hand.  His content not only includes his past experience, but the experience he gains even today, and it is all practical and real.

Two Second Media is Chris’s newly formed marketing company.  With over a decade of award winning marketing experience and expertise, Chris leads a team of highly talented professionals with one goal: helping businesses grow.  Focusing on small to medium sized businesses, Two Second Media provides solutions in SEO, Social Media, Video Production, Website Design, Graphic Design, Print, and so much more.

Wine Down Therapy is a passion project for Chris and his wife Candace.  Partnered with Traveling Vineyard as Independent Wine Guides, they promote the education and responsible enjoyment of wine.  Through in-home wine tastings, online content, and MLM team building, Chris and Candace are building a team of wine professionals providing people with convenient online wine ordering, wine clubs, and income opportunities.

Front Yard Marketing is a real estate focused marketing company changing the way real estate professionals market properties.  With increasing competition from online real estate firms, standing out to home sellers and buyers is more important than ever.  This means, Realtors must adapt their marketing methods to remain relevant to home buyers and sellers.  Chris expects to officially open Front Yard Marketing sometime in Q1 of 2019.

Weirdo Talent is focused on personal brands and talent (musicians, performers, athletes, influencers, etc.).  It will provide planning, development, production, and distribution of content (video, audio, copy, collateral, etc.) intended to promote the individual.  It will also house a database of these talented individuals and provide them with management and promotional support.  Chris expects to officially open Weirdo Talent in Q4 of 2019.